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Samsung Tab S7


**Please help me reach this suggestion atleast to Samsung Tablet Developers and Marketers**


Hey Sammy, If you're reading this, I just want to suggest the pricing and specs for your next generation flagship tablet after the just released Tab s6. If your flagship tablet for 2020 is so called the Tab s7 or whatever, then here are my suggestions.


Samsung Tab s7 (2020)

ROM        RAM        Wi-Fi only         Wi-Fi + 5G
256GB     8GB        $699 ~700         $799 ~800
512GB     12GB       $849 ~850         $949 ~950


Bigger Battery
Faster Charger
120Hz Display
Larger Display
Better Screen Resolution (4k if possible)
Larger PPI

Better Camera Sensors

Better SoC (on par or better than Apple A Chips)

+New Features

CarlH Moderator

Is this your request for the next model, @Samsters?

Well, If this will be implemented, then I would be happier for Samsung.
Yuppp, hopefully it is worth the price for you.
First Poster

Honestly i don' t understand why Samsung didn' t release a larger tab s6... a 10.5" screen is too small for all the use cases outside gaming and watching videos, while 12.9 is almost perfectly the size of an A4 paper.


It' s like big tech companies are conjuring against me having a good tablet:

- The S6 needs a larger version (with decent usb protocol this time, 5Gbps for that price?!?!?);

- the upcoming ipad pro must have a body that doesn' t pulverize out of the box;

- the Surface Pro X in order to run 99% of existing programs still has to properly emulate x64, else all it is currently useful for (without the need to sell my organs to the black market to afford additional licenses and subacriptions) would be only friggin' Notepad.


Seems like i will still stay months without a tablet...

Oh well, a chance to improve my bad calligraphy, perhaps.

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On the contrary, give us another premium tablet to replace my galaxy tab s 8.4! anything bigger we can use a friggen laptop.

New Member

Galaxy tab s7 8.4 please!

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When does Samsung usually make and new tablet like the S6 because I don't plan on buying a tablet just yet they as 6 looks very nice I must say, I have a very nice Samsung flagship phone, So I don't see any reason to ever upgrade my phone for quite a while, I would like a standalone smart watch I am waiting for from Samsung, I am thinking a tablet with snapdragon 865 or 875 with ddr5,  Would be major power saver and performance for mobile computing and entertainment, Video editing calls everything,DeX is nice.


I can’t wait until he leaves

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s6 + Bigger screen + bigger battery and im buying it
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