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Samsung Tab S7

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**Please help me reach this suggestion atleast to Samsung Tablet Developers and Marketers**


Hey Sammy, If you're reading this, I just want to suggest the pricing and specs for your next generation flagship tablet after the just released Tab s6. If your flagship tablet for 2020 is so called the Tab s7 or whatever, then here are my suggestions.


Samsung Tab s7 (2020)

ROM        RAM        Wi-Fi only         Wi-Fi + 5G
256GB     8GB        $699 ~700         $799 ~800
512GB     12GB       $849 ~850         $949 ~950


Bigger Battery
Faster Charger
120Hz Display
Larger Display
Better Screen Resolution (4k if possible)
Larger PPI

Better Camera Sensors

Better SoC (on par or better than Apple A Chips)

+New Features

CarlH Moderator

Is this your request for the next model, @Samsters?

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Well, If this will be implemented, then I would be happier for Samsung.
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Yuppp, hopefully it is worth the price for you.
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