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Samsung Tab S6 Battery Drain

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Hi Everyone,


I have a Samsung Tab S6. This is my second replacement as the first one would not turn on. 


The issue I'm having is that my battery is draining overnight. I've at times fully charged the device and then when gone to use it, found that the battery had died. Last night I charged the device to 100% and closed all apps. I've just switched it on now and I've got 5% left without any use.


The day before I charged it fully and then put it in my bag, went to use it the next day and it was completely out of power.


I've actually charged it more then I've used it lol.


The back of the tablet is warm where the S Pen sits. Could the S Pen be draining my battery.


Is anyone else facing or faced any similar issues.


Any help would be appreciated.



AndrewL Moderator

@Vish: If you go to Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery > Battery Usage, do you see any apps or features that are using an abnormal amount of battery? If so, and it is a downloaded, third party app, please delete it to see if you notice an improvement.

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Thanks for your response, in all honesty most of the Apps and usage is similar to how I use my Samsung Tab S2.

I've got exactly the same apps and I've not had power drain issues to this scale.

I mean I'm still within my return period and could easily get it exchanged.

However was wondering if anyone else has had the same issue.

Could the SPen be draining it at all.
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I'm seeing the same thing - even when turned off the and pen isn't attached.

The wireless charging area seems to be warm too.

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Hello, I'm from the US but mine also does the same thing even after exchanged from the 128GB version to 256GB.

All apps are data and wi-fi restricted in the background, location off, S-pen air action off, Bluetooth off, Briefing off, Daily Board off, no keyboard attached, factory reset, wiped cache partition, Re-calibrated the battery by using code *#0228#, Airplane mode with only wi-fi on and auto updates off but none seem to work, still dropping 2% of battery per hour. This also happens to people on Samsung NA forum, Reddit, XDA forum, Youtube reviewer and I contacted customer support all they can tell me is to ship my 3 days old purchased back to them to get it fixed........

For contexts I'm salso using the same apps that I'm currently using on my Samsung S9, Samsung Tab S1,S2,S4. Vudu, Netflix, Chrome, Youtube, Twitch TV, and Yahoo Mail are all notifications off, data and wifi background restricted.


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I don't have any drain problems but the first thing I did after installation was to uninstall Samsung Flow and Office Apps. I also use the official Samsung Book Cover without the keyboard as I use a Logitech Bluetooth K810 Keyboard and MX Anywhere 2S Mouse.   


The Last post on this thread was awhile ago. Did any of you find out what was causing your battery drain? Just curious.




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