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Samsung Tab S2 SM-T813 wifi authentication keeps failing after latest Android upgrade


As soon as my tablet updated to Android 7.0 Kernel 3.10.84-14953299 it keeps dropping off my wi fi and giving authentication errors .

It was working perfectly well before

A Samsung note S9 right next to it has no issues and the same for all my other wifi devices

Any suggestions - other than hard reset??? I would hate to do it and then find I still have the same problem

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @DocFar 


Are you still having this issue? If so, let's try a soft reset on the tablet. This will end all processes and give the tablet a fresh start. To do this, press and hold the 'Power' and 'Volume Down' buttons until the tablet restarts. You won't lose any data.


I had this on mine , I put it in to flight mode then put WiFi on 


I'm having the exact same problem with my galaxy tab s2, is this a known issue?  I have to restart the tablet to fix it, but the problem returns generally within 4 hours of use. I'm going to try the soft reset.


Turns out by restarting the tab this is what you call a soft reset, holding down power and volume down on my s2 didn't did some screen related stuff. Regardless this only fixes the issue temporarily. The airplane mode suggestion doesn't work for me, my s2 is not connected to a carrier.


Thank you for the reply

I did a soft reset and did a hard reset and reinstalled

and it still happens: it says authentication error ..and the same if I try to switch it to one of my other wi-fi access points

Meanwhile the other Samsung device (samsung Note 9) next to it has no problems

To further check I bought  a new Samsung S5e Tab to see if I had some kind of network/router issue

The new tab is fine - same with my note 9 - Both of these do not drop off the network with authentication errors

The S2 just keeps doing it and it makes it a piece of useless VERY expensive metal and glass (and plastic)

(btw my S2 is not a 4g model - it is only WiFi )



Still having problems!!!

I am wondering of this is some hardware problem with some pads but not all???


Chris: Have you seen my reply?

Very frustrating - esp as this is not so old - purchased Sep 2017 and 18 months later it starts to malfunction!

Should I contact Samsung Support re warranty (the life of this should be well beyond 18 months!!)?

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I have a Tab S2 SM-T813 also that is having similar issue. I can connect to my router other devices with no problem but the S2 randomly drops the wifi connection or throws an authentication error or "Connected, no internet" message.


If i turn off the wifi for five seconds, then back on it will auto-connect and it might work fine for the rest of my use period, or it might immediately drop within a few seconds. I have the same problem no matter what wifi network i connect to, home, hotels, coffee shops, etc. I have another identical Tab S2 that has done this a few times, but not nearly as often as my main one.


I've tried all suggestions i've been able to find including forgetting the network, soft resetting, etc. The only thing i haven't done is reload with i hate to do because of the pain of resinstalling several work apps and email accounts.


Any suggestions?


No suggestions from me, I have all those symptoms and have tried everthing but a hard reset which I also don’t want to do. I also have an issue where the S2 shuts down when the battery hits in the area of 40%-50%.  It comes back but it’s obviously an awful flaw and incredible nuisance. And sometimes if it’s at below 40% it won’t come back at all just keeps rebooting until charged. All this started in the last 3-4 months.  It’s been a great product up to then. So I guess it was some update that’s caused this. 

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