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Samsung Tab S2 8.0 SM-T713 (wi-fi only) connectivity problems

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Having problems with internet connectivity on this tablet.


The only way I can describe it is having a spotty connection when browsing. Pages, videos etc are not loading/taking ages to load/i have to turn the wifi on and off/ I have to turn the tablet on and off for the internet to actually load, and I have to do this many times a day.


It is the same on my wifi at home, public wifi and wifi I have tried at other peoples homes. I already returned this tablet for the same issue, which Samsung just said was a faulty device, but the one I have now is exactly the same (and has been from new, and its only around 6 weeks old). 


I think I have tried all the recommended troubleshooting that I have come across and been advised by Samsung online support with no luck!

AntS Moderator

Hi @Lydia19. :smileyhappy:


What troubleshooting have you tried/been advised? And is your tablet on a power saving mode setting? 


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