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Samsung Stars: Experts on Call!

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Hi all! 


We have a dedicated, personalised service for our UK and Ireland S9|S9+; Note9; Tab S4 and Galaxy Watch users:


Samsung Stars02.JPG


I spent a bit of time with the Samsung Stars team to find out more about them and what they do.


I sat in with Stars team member Dan whilst he was on a call with a first-time Samsung caller who was experiencing an issue with her S9. Dan took her through key troubleshooting steps; remotely accessed her phone to quickly back up her photos, texts and WhatsApp stuff, and updated her phone's software; advised and set up a courier collection for her phone when all troubleshooting had been exhausted; and offered to give her a follow-up call when she’d got her phone back from the Service Centre to see how it’d all gone.


Throughout, he made her (and me!) laugh with his wit and sparkling personality. 


Dan’s just one of our amazing Samsung Stars.


What they offer:


  • A personalised service from the outset: they’ll really want to get to know you and your experiences with Samsung.
  • Expert knowledge and advice on all things S9|S9+; Note9; Tab S4 and Galaxy Watch.
  • Remote Management: our team can use an app to remotely access your phone, where they can give you expert live demos of the phone’s features; quickly backup your data so you don’t lose those precious memories you've got on it; or troubleshoot your phone right in front of you.
  • Offer a call back at a later time convenient to you to see how you’re getting on – and to tell you about features and new apps that they know you’d be interested in. 


You can reach the Stars team on 0330 726 9000 (UK) or 01 903 6099 (Ireland), Monday-Sunday 8am to 10pm.


So give Dan or any of our other super Samsung Stars a call. They’re shining brightly for you!


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Superuser I
Superuser I

Its always great to have experts at hand when you need it, I'm in the fortunate position that I would probably never need it for my phone but it is yet another example where Samsung is one step ahead!


If would be really helpful if the Samsung Watch *experts* could help with (HR) Heart Rate and Step counting issues. EU and US forums are littered with posts of people reporting the issues. This also includes *UK customers*.
Samsung should get on top of this before it becomes a class action. The watch should have never been released with the two *fitness* features effectively useless.

Wow, wasn't aware Samsung actually post on these forums.


Or is it just not the ones were loads of folks are having issues? Some for years (TV section is abysmal)


Samsung Stars lol, im sure some of the folk there are lovely people, though 9/10 times when I speak to Samsung on the phone I feel as though they don't expect there users have the slightest idea about tech.


"sucking eggs" springs to mind.


Soon as the customer throws in an ever so slightly technical question...bang... "Sorry, you'll need to speak with a Samsung expert in a few days" ugh.

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