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Samsung Galaxy Tab A - method of HDMI Screen Capturing?

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Hi I bought A Samsung Galaxy "Tab A" 10.5 today and I can't seem to find any information about how to connect it to an HDMI input on either my TV or into my Screen Capture Box.

The thing is I bought it specifically for my Kid to record his games to the Capture Box.


Also having issues figuring out how to format my Micro SD card to "Internal Storage".


If anyone ahs any advice or knows how to fix these problems it would be appreciated.


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Hi Justin I was just looking for same thing. I bought mhl to hdmi cable but it does not fit my tablet. Apparently there us no cable that will fit Tab A. Everything seems to point to using chromecast. Not done that before but will give it a go.

To use your sd card you have to go to storage in your settings and click on sd card you can then create a file to send things to the card. Hope this helps Sue

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@Justinsane0069: Sadly the Galaxy Tab A is not listed as being compatible with MHL HDMI adapters, therefore you won't be able to connect the tablet to your TV in this manner.

SD cards can't be formatted as internal storage, however you can move any personal media to your SD card should you wish to free up some space. Apps > My Files > Images (as an example) > More > Edit > Select images > More > Move > SD card

You can also set your camera up to store images to the SD card by default.

Camera app > Tap the cog symbol > Storage Location > Memory Card
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Hi, i am not from your country but i have a galaxy tab A and S4, if my solutions is not good please give me the Samsung link for your device i want to be sure of my answer). If my answers are OK please click on the thumb to show other people they can find the solution here..

Have a nice day (sorry fr my english)


how to connect it to an HDMI input on either my TV

Buy a USB-C / HDMI cable, Plug and Play and Enjoy ! (if you don't know How to plug it or where to go in your settings just tell me )




Also having issues figuring out how to format my Micro SD card to "Internal Storage".

Follow these pictures, i'll explain iy in few moments


Open your  Maintenance application and clicck on the 3 dots


It open this window, click on SD card



And click on Format


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@Cassidy007 Please correct your post! The A 10.5 2018 does NOT support USB-C / HDMI cables (USB type C alt mode)!


BUT HDMI output is possible via a DisplayLink adapter like the 'wavlink USB 3.0 HDMI adapter'.

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