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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019 connect to Samsung Curved Monitor C24F396

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019 connect to Samsung Curved Monitor C24F396


I am trying to connect my tablet to a monitor so I have a larger screen to work off when required. 


I have tried using a usb type C hub via HDMI & VGA but it does not seem to be working. Not sure if Curry's staff were telling me porky pies but I really needed a tablet that could output to an external monitor.


Do I need to connect via Dex or some other form of wired connection?



AndrewL Moderator
@PR15187: Sadly, DeX is not available for the Tab A 2019, so it won't be possible to mirror the tablet to your monitor in this manner. Ordinarily, Samsung devices no longer support an HDMI connection, however there are third party MHL 2.0 adapters that may allow this (I can't guarantee that this will be successful though).

If you have a compatible Smart TV then you can screen mirror via Wi-Fi using Smart View, available in the Quick Settings menu, however the C24F396 monitor doesn't seem to support this feature. Apologies for any disappointment this may cause.
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Hi Andrew,


Thank you for your reply, much appreciated! So basically I was sold something by Curry's that doesn't do what I need it to do! I specifically asked for a tablet with 365 apps that can be connected to my Samsung monitor!


Do you know what other Samsung tablets can be connected to an external monitor that are the same size which I can swap it for? (ended up buying all the accessories for it too!)



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