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Samsung Galaxy J7 phone with dual sim Model: SM-J710F/DS

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I wish to buy a Galaxy J7 smartphone with dual SIM slots as I often go abroad where I use a local SIM card. I can't find one with the usual phone providers and have found it online with some Amazon sellers & a couple of eBay retailers.  The phones are supposed to be new and the price seems good but the only problem is they tell me the warranty is with Samsung, a 2 year one.  When I bought a Galaxy Tab A 10.1 and it seized up after about 5 months I took it back to the High Street retailer and they sent it to Samsung who fitted a new motherboard.  That is the type of warranty I'm used to.  The dual sim phone is not available in local retailers or on their websites so if I wish to buy one I will have to buy online. 


If I buy from one of the online retailers & the phone develops a fault, will Samsung sort it out, free of charge, provided it is still within the two year warranty.



Why am I unable to find a dual sim phone on sale in our phone shops. They are also useful to have if you are having reception problems.


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Hi @PhilD,



The dual SIM J7 is not a UK device, which means it will not be covered under warranty here in the UK. Our engineers would be unable to assist with any repairs. 


Hope this helps.

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Hi @PhilD.


Just to add to what KellyM said, dual-SIM doesn't tend to be a thing in the UK and Ireland due to the overall coverage from networks here.


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I really wanted to buy the J7 phone and was pi***d that you don't sell it, or support it in the UK, if I buy it abroad. What happened to globalisation! I have several Samsung items including the Galaxy Tab A and wished to keep to the brand. I am now going to buy a Motororola dual sim phone in the UK and supported in the UK. My affair with Samsung ends here.

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