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Samsung Galaxy Book 12" included charger not powerful enough

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Hi, I have noticed that the included power adapter with the Samsung Galaxy Book 12" is only 25W but the Samsung Galaxy Book 12" actually uses 28W full load therefore I have noticed that the battery drains even whilst plugged in. 


I was wondering if I could purchase a third party 30W usb power adapter would be compatible and solve this issue and if anyone could recommend me one?


Thanks in advance.


You are true.


I use galaxy book with two usb-c adapter and two external monitor and with the included charger is not enough.

I bought new one with Power Delivery port, where there is 30w in one usb-c port and now its buttery is discharged 1% every hour.


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Do you happen to have the model name or place you bought it from? Looking for one myself.
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