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SM-T713/SM-T813 (Galaxy Tab S2) Security Patches


Hi Folks,


I have an SM-T713 (Tab S2 8") and my wife has an SM-T813 (Tab S2 9.7"). Both these models were released in May 2016. Both our devices are running Android 7.0. My T713's latest security patch is 1 April 2017 but my wife's T813 has the 1 July 2017 security patch. Is there anything I can do about this?


Thanks in advance.



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I am in the same boat and I JUST bought my S2 brand new last weekend!!!  If this goes on much longer at all, my company will quaranteen my device and I'll not be able to use it and will be EXTREMELY upset.  I just bought this to replace my Samsung Tab A that I just got about 1.5 years ago because they quit pushing security patches to it and it's a PERFECTLY working tablet.  SAMSUNG, please don't make me go to another company's tablet just because you don't push security updates.  Corporate America is locking the devices out of the Corporate networks if the security patches aren't kept up to date!  I need an answer to this ASAP because I still. have another 3 weeks to return the device with no questions asked and no money out of my pocket.

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