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S5e WiFi & Facebook

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I have a S5e 128Gb purchased new in June this year and have to say I'm dissappointed with it's WiFi performance generally and with Face book in particular!

The WiFi keeps dropping out even though I am very careful to avoid screening the antenna with my hand. When it happens I jump straight to a speed test which usually shows 30Mps + download speed, 12Mps upload and seems to resolve the issue until next time, but I am finding that this is required multiple times per day.


Facebook is proving to be an utter nightmare too, it just will not keep working on the S5e but is perfect on my S10 phone (and my S5 phone + 8 year old Samsung laptop)

I have tried everthing I am brave enough to, forcing the app closed, clearing the cache, clearing all data, uninstalling then reinstalling, soft resetting the tablet etc etc, but proper facebook function is only ever for a few hours at maximum but often much less.


This is extremely frustrating, any idea what needs to be done?


Thanks in advance, Goffy.

ChrisM Moderator

Let's start by checking you have the latest software version on your tablet, @Bigoffy. Go to Settings > Software update > Download updates manually. Is there an update available?

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting back to me :-)

I am in the habit of checking for all possible software and app updates on a nearly daily basis, along with full housekeeping in general, so I fear that the problem does not lie there :-( But I have just checked again for an update, and am up to date.

However, I am staying with friends at the moment and have noticed a very large reduction of the problem during my stay! There is a large difference in connection speed between home and here though, home download 35Mbps, here 160Mbps!

That said my S10 phone performs nearly perfectly at home in this respect while the S5e can be near impossible. And I'm careful not to screen the WiFi antenna on the Tablet with my hand ;-)

Cheers, Goffy.

ChrisM Moderator

Mmm! Something doesn't sound quite right, @Bigoffy. Are you anywhere near one of our Service Centres so one of our engineers can give your phone a thorough inspection? You can find your nearest here.

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