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S pen (Galaxy Tab S6)


After a week of using the tablet the S pen doesn't charge anymore. When I attach it to the tablet it reports 1% charge for hours. For a few days it charged to 100% but now it stopped charging. 


Now I found out that it will charge only when the little icon on the upper margin of the tablet shows up. It will suddenly stop when I use another app. I have to remove and reattach the pen - the it will charge again.  Unfortunately the Air Command button is only active when the pen is not attached. So if charged there is no air Command Command button which I think is not well thought out by Samsung. With this unpredictable charging behavior of the pen the Bluetooth features cannot be relied upon. I can not be sure if it will for for a presentation for instance. This detects from the otherwise positive experience with this tablet

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I have a similar problem. The TAB does not recognize neither charges the s pen. Just by gently pressing the spen, I get it to charge. Also, s pen does not show cursor on the screen, nor does it allow me to write notes. S pen does not behave like a normal pen. I've already updated the tablet, and I've done a hard reset. I also reinstated my pen. Nothing works. Help me please!

Update on my posts:

The charging of the Tab S6 S-pen only stops when I use a another pen (e.g. my Norris pen or my pen from my Tab S4) on the tablet. If I just use my finger to navigate the touchscreen the charging of the S-pen is not interrupted and it takes only minutes for the S-pen to complete charging.


Maybe Samsung programmed this behavior into the firmware for some reason (to discourage use of alternate S-pens?). I would suggest that Samsung reworks this feature and also allows the Air Command button to show up even as the Tab S6 S-pen is charging. This would enhance the usability of this otherwise great tablet.

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I have the same problem, and not related to another app or other pen. It simply loses connection and won't charge.


I finally decided to connect the pen from my Note 10+, that worked. My guess is that the charging on the back of the pen is not working making the pen lose connection with the tablet.


Not sure if Samsung has a solution for this charging issue.

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