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S Planner problem on reset

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Last year I did a factory reset on my Galaxy Tab A with no problems. I have had to do another and just followed all the steps that came up.  S Planner has come back with all one off entries missing.  Recurring entries are still there.  I've no idea how it can lose part of the data but not all.


Is there any way I might be able to recover the missing entries?

MasukaH Moderator

Hi there @PV3


What did you use to back up your Galaxy Tab A? Did you use Samsung Cloud for example? Have you noticed anything else missing after a restore? 




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I have not noticed anything else missing.  I think the Samsung Cloud was part of the process gone through after pressing back up and reset but don't know how to retrieve what's there without doing another reset, which I don't want to do unless absolutely necessary.  But still puzzled as to why only recurring entries would have been retrieved.


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