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Restricted Profie Apps Not Showing


Today, I called the German Samsung support for tablets. They acknowledge the problem, apparently it has been known for a while. However, there is presently no cure.

The technician I talked to pointed to a possible solution with Android 9 - however, massive handwaving at this point, and I doubt this will be available for my SM-T580 any time soon, maybe Q2/2019.

It is mysterious to me how such a major problem can slip through QA and even then, not make it into an update release such as 8.1.0.

Looks like my mid- to long-term platform for the family will be based on iOS.


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This is a massive problem for me, as I just purchased the Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (new model), to replace a dying Nexus 10 device. My 10-year old has been using a restricted profile but now I cannot recreate that, and I cannot give him full access to the account either.


I use MobileFence to implement restrictions now and trashed my hopes for a fix in Android.

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Yeah I have had to use Qustodio on both mine now and the silly kids mode app which isn't great. 

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Samsung, you have to fix it urgently! My toddler can't use the tablet anymore, and it is becoming unnecessary piece of junk for us! My apartment has enough things that don't work.
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I am in the same position and am really disappointed as i have 7 tablets SMT580 for a small class I teach. None of the apps I have installed are showing up when I try to allow restricted (student / child) access to the apps.  


It is disheartening to see the problem has been around for a while and still isn't fixed.



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This issue needs to be resolved.  I've been using Norton Family to help control the kids' web access, but I rely on the restricted profile for their apps. I don't mind the kids having new apps that I approve, but I don't want them to have any access to my google profile in order to download them. Has anyone tried Google Family Link? Any thoughts on it?

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I thought Google family link was the answer until it became very unreliable and my 8 year old was able to access inappropriate videos. Once I found the restricted mode on his LG I was relieved to say the least. Now I've been trying to set up my Tab A 10.1 restricted mode for my 4 year old so she can play her cute game about abcs and 123s etc without inappropriate junk popping up. I cannot believe I am not able to set one up. This is ridiculous! I have so many trackers and blockers but they are no where as good as restricted mode.
Only way to get rid of this issue to is wait for the next software update. Till then keep reporting the crashes/bug.

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