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Restricted Profie Apps Not Showing

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Hi all,


I have recently purchased 2 Samsung Galaxy A (2016) tablets running Android 8 for my kids.

Model: SM-T580

Android: 8.1.0


I previously had Lenovo Yoga Tablets running Android 5 using restricted user profiles so that I could control the apps they use. 


The restricted profiles setup fine on the Galaxy A Android 8 tablets, however none of my installed apps appear in the app list to select, only the system and stock apps. 


I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 Tab running Android 7 and the restricted profiles work fine on here. 


Has anyone else seen or experienced this issue?





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Well I had Samsung support remote onto the tablet and they say that this feature isn't available anymore. 3rd party apps I. E. Through play store or Samsung store can't be enabled for restricted profiles. They say its a limitation in Android 8. I find this really hard to believe given that you can setup a restricted profile as before.

Has anyone else had any issues with this yet?
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I have the same problem as most with the restricted user account after the Oreo update. This issue has been known since July on XDA board. Any solutionbs or suggestions ladies & gentlemen since the majority of the consumers requesting this feature need it for their children.

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It's very annoying isn't it? I have had to resort to using the kids mode app. It's not great as you have to give them the device pin code otherwise they can't use it without you.


I've also had to invest in the Qustodio app to monitor ans restrict access. It's quite good actually. 


But overall a poor experience and a step backwards. I hope it's resolved soon although Samsung support said its a limitation in the Android version so I doubt they will do anything about it. 


I have the same problem with a SM-T580 since upgrading to Oreo 8.1.0.

This cannot be a limitation in Android as all existing apps that I have enabled before still show up properly and I can enable/disable them as usual. The problem is only with newly-installed apps. They don't show up in the restricted user's list of apps (settings screen for the restricted user in the owner's settings).


This was a useful feature and I don't see why it should have been removed.



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Do you have a screenshot of that please? As Samsung support say that isn't the case. This would help prove our point! 




I have two screenshots here: one is from the account that existed previously. It clearly shows 3rd-party Play Store apps in the Oreo restricted profile with enable/disable options. The second is from a newly-created account under Oreo. It only has the standard apps to choose. An app I installed under Oreo does not show up in these screens. It is, however, on the home screen and can be run.



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Interesting to see them both on the same device. Not sure what is going to be done though as Samsung support said it's the way it works now! 


As I have both views on the same device, my guess is this is purely a software issue. It is not obvious to me why newer apps cannot operate the same way as the older ones do - in the same operating system.


However, if this is the way it will work from now on, the feature is useless. I will abstain from getting Android devices then and generally switch to iPhones/iPads.

It is not acceptable that an essential feature used by a significant fraction of customers is silently mutilated or dropped.


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Totally agree. 


Maybe if you contact support so they can see the behaviour too it might make them want to look further into it. 

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