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Recent update to tablet SM-T810

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My tablet received an update last night and now the only sign in option is the nine dots.  I've forgotten the pattern and have always used the back up option that opened up after trying the pattern a number of times and then on the second attempt it gave me the alternative option to open the tablet.  The back up option is a pin number that I can remember.  How do I now get to this option to unlock my tablet.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hey @AM312

Are you not receiving the back up option when entering your PIN? How many times have you entered this? 

Could you confirm the current software version on your Tab? 

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I get the nine dots but after it stopped and asked me to wait the 30 seconds before trying again, I only got one option to enter a pattern on the nine dots before it gave me another 29 seconds to wait.  At no time did I get the option to enter my backup PIN.


As I’m locked out of the tablet, I can’t see what version I’m currently using.


I really don’t want to return my tablet to factory settings which I think will be the only way to get past having to enter the nine dot pattern.  I’m not sure why this was introduced, over and above the thumb print.  If you had to enter this every time then you’d remember it but because it only asked for this after a day’s inactivity or after the tablet has been turned off/empty battery, then it’s difficult to remember the pattern which is why I have always resorted to entering wrong patterns and then getting to the back up PIN after waiting the 29 seconds.   Frustrating but usable.






Do you know your Samsung account login? 

If you do, log in using your Samsung account details and then unlock the screen through this. 

Once you've done this, make sure you change your password and write this down somewhere safe. 

Let us know if you have any problems with this. 

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I've gone to the Samsung login in page but I'm just getting an error message "

{"meta":{"success":false,"message":"Sorry,this email address is not recognized. Please try again."}}

So I can't get any further! And yes I'm having problems. 

JessL Moderator
In that case we'd recommend speaking to our Accounts Team about this, you can contact them using 08009951079.

Let us know how you get on!
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