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Random problems with USB connection between a Tab A6 and Windows 10 PC

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I've got a new Samsung Tab A6 and when it's connected via USB (using the USB cable that came with it - but other USB cables show the same behaviour) to a Windows 10 PC the connnection comes and goes, i.e. the tablet shows up in Explorer for a while and then vanishes only to reappear a bit later.
This is the 2nd Tab A6 we've had that this happens with.
It appears to not happen on another Windows 10 PC - everything seems ok there.

We've tried
- disabling the USB Selective Suspend Setting in Windows
- different USB cables
- connecting to different USB sockets on the PC
- a different Tab A6

and none of that makes a difference.

So it appears that there's something funky going on with that specific Windows 10 install. Anyone have any ideas?

AndrewL Moderator

If you are attempting to connect to your PC to transfer or backup personal data then I recommend downloading Smart Switch, available via the following link: Once installed, open Smart Switch and connect your phone using your official USB cable and you can make use of the Back up and Restore features, accessible from the Home screen.
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Hi @AndrewL,


Thanks for the quick reply: I'm actually trying to get media files on and off the tablet (audiobooks, photos, etc).

I don't think SmartSwitch helps me there...or does it?

AntS Moderator

Hi @DBX. Any joy with this one?


Smart Switch will install/update any relevant connection drivers that may be missing on your PC, plus you should be able to transfer media files:


Smart Switch Content.JPG


If no joy with that, then enable Developer Options on the Tab, and see if adjusting the USB debugging and USB configuration settings helps.


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