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HIT (High Intensity Training) or Tabata Timer app for Samsung Gear Sport

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I have a Samsung Gear Sport watch connected to a Samsung S9+ phone.

I would like to have on the watch an app working as HIT Timer. I have one such app on the phone but cannot get it to appear on the phone.


Any one has a solution?


(HIT Timer allows to programm the length (in seconds) of high intensity part of the training; Length of the rest phase as well as the number of sequences. Example: 10 sequences of 2' high Intensity followed by 1' low intensity)

AndrewL Moderator
Hi @jgl51

The Gear Sport will measure and record the intensity of your exercise using the Heart Rate Monitor as standard. Please can you confirm if you have attempted to connect the third party HIT Timer to your watch using Gear Manager on the S9+?
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Hi Andrew! Thanks for your reply.
Yes I checked the app in the Gear app on the phone but it did not appear on the watch. I need to check with the developer but I do not think it was designed for Tizen!!
Heart rate is NOT part of such app. It is only a timer.
AndrewL Moderator
No problem, @jgl51. I'd definitely recommend checking with the developer to ensure you aren't facing compatibility issues with the Gear Sport/S9+. Are you using S Health to monitor your workouts?
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Just got the watch today! Need to see if Samsung Health works for me or not. 

Hopefully some one out there can recommend the app I am looking for.


By he way how to search for "Gear" (Tizen) compatible apps??

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