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HDMI for Samsung Galaxy tab A

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See my reply on accuracy of a reply. I posted on the wrong reply
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Im sorry, I ment to reply to a previous poster.

no worries

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Please focus on model Tab A.

Please discuss native hardware solution.

Please state the name of software solution.



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I'm so glad I found this thread.  I was just about to purchase a Tab A. but being ablet to hardwire a connection to a TV is a must for me. Most of the other forums state its possible and you just need a specific adapter
Does anyone know if any versions of the Tab A or the S5e supports this?


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I was not so lucky; I assumed there will be HDMI output feature and bought a Tab A; now it is sitting on the corner of my study table just collecting dust and not being useful for me. 

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CarlH. I disagree. I'm watching Aquaman right now on my TV via my galaxy 10+2019-12-28 19.31.31.jpg

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You're correct, @Irishfireman83. This feature has now been reinstated (for some phones and tablets) since my post from last year. Enjoy Aquaman! 

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