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Galaxy tab s wifi wont turn on

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Hi @Bowdy.


Just to confirm, is the Wi-Fi not switching on at all from Apps > Settings > Connections? If so, was anything changed on the tablet just before this started, e.g. a software update or app?


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after factory reset, ip address is not available
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I have the same issue, has anyone solve this yet?
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My wife's Tab S also has this behavior and it started suddenly. Some info I've read suggested clearing the cache after a hard boot but my device doesn't offer that option. It says, "Warning!! A custom OS can cause critical problems in phone and installed applications." Then has the option of Volume up: Continue or Volume down: Cancel. I didn't want to try the factory reset but I may have to.


Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Hi there! 


I was experiencing the same problem when I found a tricky solution as to why my wifi won't turn on. My SD card was corrupted. I simply removed it after i turned off my tab and switched it on and the problem was solved! Thanks for the video I watched on Youtube by AKXX akash gunowry, the link is pasted below:


How to fix wifi not turning on 2017 [UPDATED]:


Hope this fixes your problem as well!

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I've done hard reset three times changed sd card even left it out but it still will not turn on it acts like it's going to then turns itself back off

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Won't turn on at all has been reset three times and even removed sd card
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Wow, thank  you so much for this suggestion.  I've had mine sitting on a shelf for over a year.  I just came across it and decided to try one more time to find a fix.  I took out my SD card and it worked perfectly.  It made my day.

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I have the problem, first that the battery depletes, even when this device is turned off completely. It was repaired during warranty period, but after a month or so, the same symptions. So after a long period on the shelf, I bought an ipad, and decided to have my daugther use this device for youtube. Unfortunately, the device now does not connect to wifi anymore (also bluetooth not). I've removed the microSD and wiped it completely. Nothing yet. I am not pleased spending the amount of money to a device like this. I have a couple of more Samsung devices in my household, but for me, this is the last Samsung product I buy. 

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