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Galaxy tab 3 is stuck on start up screen.

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MY 7" Galaxy tab 3 is stuck on start up srceen after a factory reset for running slow.

I have tried to reset by using power and volume buttons but no joy.


Please advise.


Hey @andye!

Could you try boot your phone into Recovery Mode? Keep pressing and holding Power Key, Volume+ and Home button at the same time until you enter the Recovery Mode. Now, just select "reboot system now" to boot your phone.

Does this return to the start up screen? 

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Hi JordanH. 


I have tried and tried to rest method but the tablet still stays on the start up screen.Ive even removed the battery for 24hrs then retried the reset but no look.



At this stage, we'd recommend you get this checked out by an engineer, @andye

You can locate your nearest Service Centre to get this looked at by clicking here

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Hi, i've tried holding home+power +volume up buttons but my tab  still goes back to the start screen

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