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Galaxy TabPro S overheating

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Was the only solution here to get it taken in under warranty as I'm having the same issue. If so can someone who has had it repaired give me an idea of how long I'll lose my device for?


Yes, was the only solution, toke more than a week and the device was completly set back to original setup.

I also have the same problem...except heating issue but dominantly shut down issue.
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The problem is with the Intel Core M Processor's "Turbo Boost".  It's meant to help when it needs a little extra power, but on some devices it exceeds the limits (100 degrees C) and does a thermal shutdown.


I downloaded the "Intel Extreme Tuning Utility" from the Intel website and ran it. 


If you watch the "Package Temperature" in the lower right and start opening up apps (play some music, stream a video, run a game) you will see it go up and eventually hit 100 degrees and then shutdown.


Under "Core" settings, I set the following:

Processor Core IccMax: 25 A

Turbo Boost Short Power Max: 15.25 W

Turbo Boost Power Time Window: 8 seconds

Turbo Boost Power Max: 5 W


Press "Apply", do some testing and then press "Save" to save it as a new profile.


I haven't gone over 99 in my tests yet and my Samsung TabPro S is up and running for hours like it used to! 


Warning: The Intel Extreme Tuning Utility can easily lock up the system and you will probably lock it up a few times if you decide to play around with it.


There might be better settings too.  I haven't gone into the Cache, Graphics, or Other settings yet.


I haven't done any testing with with case on / case off or charging vs. discharging yet. It's possible these numbers are still too high.

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Thank you very much, I will follow your suggestion and I will give a feedback!
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My computer  frequently shuts off due to the heat in it's top right corner. Is this the same problem? Should  I follow your advice?

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