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Galaxy Tab S6 Screen non uniform colors

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I bought a Tab S6 a week ago, and noticed while using dark mode, that the bottom part of the screen was lighter than the top, creating a gradient like effect, on other apps the same thing happens with dark gray/night mode themes.

I installed OLED tools and Display tester, and managed to get this. Looks like the colors arent uniform on the whole screen (Image 2), and the figures from 6 to 10 on image 1 have a purple/yellow color, and they were supposed to be gray! Does this mean i got a bad screen? Should i ask for a replacement?

Already did the factory reset and setting to display color to normal instead o vivid, same results.




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Most oled have that the s6 has the best one I've seen. Even oled TV's have it. My s4 has it way worse than the s6 u have. Usually it's pink or green tints. My b8 55 has a pink side. U can go into settings and turn green and red all the way down and it helps a bit. Tablets and phones have it way worse than TV's tho, I think it's the digitzer.

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I can see most people don't mind this, for me, its unacceptable for a tablet at this price having such screen problems. This is part of the reason they don't have a more restrict control over the quality of this screens. I heard people getting good ones. I will be returning mine, if i dont get a good one, might as well get an ipad. Problem free.
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