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Galaxy Tab S3 tablet WiFi-Only or Galaxy Tab S3 tablet with WiFi-4G-LTE?


I  am thinking to replace my laptop with just using Galaxy Tab S3 tablet instead as my main primary computing device. I only look at my emails, watch YouTube, and Internet.


But please help me decide which one to get. The WiFi Only version or with the  combination of WiFi-4G-LTE?

Most likely should be purchasing this from Europe.

My travels are a very minimum and most of it are in the USA, so maybe a WiFi Only will be enough. However, maybe in case I will need to have 4G or LTE, all depends on my location.


Money wise: 

Kind of on a tight budget and the WiFi only version appears to be cheaper in terms of price.

Also, while here in Europe, pretty much all Galaxy devices are Unlocked.


My other question is, will this also work in the USA regarding the frequency bands?


Do the Galaxy Tabs also have a Region Lock as well like the Galaxy phones do when purchasing from another region such as from Europe?



CarlH Moderator

The Galaxy Tab S3 would make a great travel buddy, @itsonlyme. You may also be interested in the latest announcement from today!


But would like to know what version to get? The WiFi only version or the 4g and LTE?


Is there any differences between the two versions?


And are the Galaxy Tabs also Region Locked?

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