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Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 screen dims and switches off


I am a newbie, so excuse the detail...


Purchased Tab S2 9.7 in Feb 2017. (SM T813)

Issue of screen dimming and just before switching off whilst still in use began soon after purchase, but I contacted Support in June 2017.


Was told this was a problem with Marshmallow and would get resolved on new Android update?

Diagnostic at the time was putting Tab in safe mode for an hour.....


Sept 2017 - This issue has got progressively worse, with the Tablet shutting off much more often now - eg. whilst watching BBCiplayer, or switching between windows etc....does not appear to be linked to when being recharged, battery life remaining, number of apps open (sometims when only 2 open!) etc...


What have i done so far? ....from sprint support website, the following:-

1. Closed all background apps

2. Removed and reinserted the SD card (safely).

3. Performed a soft reset.

4. Checked if low on memory (Not low)

5. Cleared cache

6. Checked software updated (current version is T813XXS2BQG3/T813BTU2BQD1/


Issue recurs after haveing done all the above!! lots of simlar complaints on Sprint website (US?), but most appear to have been resolved, from what I can make out  -


Can anyone help me, PLEASE? !!


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Hello @X2


If this was my device I’d Back-Up and Factory Reset. 


If that didn’t help then a Samsung Service Location or Samsung Experience Store will be able to run diagnostics on it. 



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Thank you for the advice/direction #BandOfBrothers Voyager. Much appreciated!

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You’re Welcome and I wish you all the best @X2



Current Phone ~

Samsung Note 10+ 5G _256Gb > Model: SM-N976B._ Samsung One Ui 2.0 / Android 10.

Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch
Samsung Galaxy Tab A {2016}SM-T580

Hello #BandofBrothers - Voyager.
As a newbie, not sure of the etiquette here but I thought I would update you and others who find this thread and need some help....
3 points not mentioned in my original post...
i) I always use the Samsung charger that came with the Tablet.
ii) Another remedy others pointed out on a different site was to put some cardboard between the magnets of the Tablet case and the tablet (apparently the magnets affect the switching on/off mechanism!??)
Sadly, that did not help me.
iii) I had also increased the idle time to 10 mins before hibernating.

So, as per your direction, I had a factory reset done after the usual backup - I was talked through the process with the Samsung techie who also had access to and control of my Tablet.
Result - The following day, the machine switched off 3x whilst in use! But nothing since then. Woohoo!!
HOWEVER - I noticed that the charging process stalled at 97%. (It took 5hours to go from 25% to 97%, and then 7 more hours to get up to 100%). :-(
All apps were closed for the charging process....
The 97% stalling happened several times and then on a subsequent charging process, it stalled at 93%, with similar lengths of time to get up to 100%.
Not sure what this means - or if relevant!!
But if you or a Samsung Techie can shed some light on this, then it would be appreciated.....even if to tell me that the charging stall (@ 97%/93%) is normal after 8 months of use and therefore irrelevant!
PS - I hunted for a Diagnostic self test app for download on the Samsung website, but could not find anything.
Have not had time to check the charging times/% lately, but if this continues, I will, as you suggested, take it to a Samsung Service location for a diagnostic test.....when I can afford to lose my Tablet for a week!! ;-)).
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Superuser I

Hello again @X2


Thank you for your update.  


I do not have stats on the Charging timeframes for your device I’m afraid. 


There are varying opinions on the Charging of a lithium battery. 


Some say don't charge the phone to 100%


I personally charge to 100% but I do not let the battery drop below 20-15%. 

I also do not charge overnight or use my Fast Charging option. 


Nowadays with lithium battery and chargers the charging cycle starts and when it reaches 100% they usually then change to only trickle charge to protect the device and battery. 


I’ve not had a device that starts charging and then begins to trickle charge or charge in increments before 100%


If this does continue then yes I’d support my initial advice to have a diagnostic run on it from an official Samsung Service Location. 




Current Phone ~

Samsung Note 10+ 5G _256Gb > Model: SM-N976B._ Samsung One Ui 2.0 / Android 10.

Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch
Samsung Galaxy Tab A {2016}SM-T580


Hi @Bandof Brothers Voyager.


Thanks once again for your considered response! Much appreciated.

Sure gives me the confidence to go back to the Retailer/Samsung to try and sort it out!


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I may be stating the obvious, but have you checked what settings you have on your screen... Sounds like it's timing out and going to sleep.  


If you tap the screen when it dims and it lights back up again then I'd say it is 😊

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