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Galaxy Tab A5 2017 WiFi connectivity

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I have Galaxy Tab A5 2017 that I am now using for about 2 month. In the past couple of weeks it stoped connecting to my WiFi router reliably. I have modem/router with WiFi and also 2.4GHz access point connected to the router via ethernet. The tab most of the time does not even see the access point. Sometimes it does, but extreamly unreliably. The tab does see the modem/router one but it can't connect. It's just keeps saying connectin > disconnected.

I did the follwoing to try and resolve the issue:

1. Restarted Tablet multiple times.

2. Checked for any software updates

3. Forgot the network and reconnected again

4. Restarted the router/modem - This one seams to help, but only for a day or two max.

At this point I don't know why Tablet can't see my access point and is there a problem with my modem or a tablet. Just wanted to point out that I have other devices that are connected to both router and Access point successfully with no problems.

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