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Galaxy Tab A 10.5 Pie Update???


Hi, I'm just curious if anyone has any info about when the Galaxy Tab A 10.5 is getting Android 9 Pie. I heard that the Tab S4 is already getting the update, and the Tab A came out around the same time so I'm wondering if the update will come soon. I'm really looking forward to Android Pie's new features including One UI and the overall new design. Does anyone know about it? Thanks

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If what is written here ( is true, the Tab A10.5 will be updatet to Pie in October 2019. I am also waiting! I am using Pie on my S8 so it would be nice to have it also on my Tab A.

But we will have to wait a little longer :(.


Hey, I just found out that Android Pie is starting to roll out on the Tab A 10.5! So far it's in the UK only but that's going to change pretty soon. Samsung is doing great recently at updating their devices.

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The update for the UK LTE version can be found on the net.

I do not know when the update in other countries will be rolled out. But in Germany the Pie update for the Tab A 10.5 will take another month.


I received pie update to today on my tab A 10.5.   1142.50mb. Feels really smooth. Love all the new features.  Im in uk. 


Lucky, I'm in the US so might take another month or so before I get Pie. Can't wait for the new features!


Hi. Hope you get it soon.   Gallery better with recyle bin feature. Storage analysis. Galaxy buds support. Gear iconX support. Call and messages continuity. 
Night mode feature. Camera better now. Photo editor pros editing tools added to gallery. New bixby improvements. Still checking other things out. But feels better on pie. Very cleam and lighter compared to oreo. Digtal wellbeing screen time , apps and wind down. Very happy with it


Can you let me know about your experience with Twitch TV app, with 9gag, YouTube profile pictures, videos received via Viber or WhatsApp. Are videos pixelated and blurry? I've also received an update, but I'm reluctant to execute the installation because I've read that on Pie there are many problems with image and video rendering due to shift from default Opengl to Skia. 


I'm referring to this:

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I don't see a lot of problems when people around the world update their tablet but it's different when updating phones
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I did some tests on my tablet.


We know that the Pie is using Skia, we also know that One UI is utilizing Skia. So I tried switching via Developer Tools to Skia GPU Rendering instead of Default OpenGL on my tablet. Here are my results:

With Default OpenGL:


With Skia:


Is the difference not noticable? To me it is, it's a big difference.

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