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Galaxy A5 (2017) S View cover problem

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I just bought the galaxy A5 (2017) and the S-View cover and i have a certain problem. When i first opened the phone i think it had the android 6.0 and the s-view cover worked perfectly. I could see from the s view cover mirror the call icon and the camera icon and i could use them( just like in this video: ). However i updated the android to 8.0 and the s-view cover has some issues. Although it does recognize the cover it hashnt got the call icon and the camera icon when i close the cover. It only shows the time. I searched and tried everything from the accessories tab from the s-view settings but i cant make them appear. It doeshnt take any app icon in the s-view mirror. When i get a call i can answer from the s-view cover ,but without the icons i cant make a call or take a photo with the s-view.


Anyone has any idea how to fix this? Thanks!

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Has anyone got an idea? 🤔🤔

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I'm having the same issue. No buttons on the screen of my S-view cover. 



I hope we will have new update firmware. Please, Samsung, hear our problems! Moderator!! send that problem to programmers.
Такая фигня! Последним обновлением испорчена функциональность чехла с S-view!
Upgrading to Oreo destroyed the functionality of the cover with S-view!

Same problem, but even S-View settings are not available. I have bought S-View cover fo my wife's A5(2017) just month ago (08.2019) and functionality allows only to see time and aswer or reject phone call. 

It's a pity and a Shame, that Samsung decided to stop supporting this case for the A series and cut functionality of ALREADY RELEASED product. 

I am happy, that phisical functionaity of this standing case Samsung can not affect  

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