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Connection between gear fit 2 and samsung tab s2 sm 719

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Just a simple question: How to connect a tab s2 sm t719 to an smartwatch gear fit 2 if the tablet is not compatible with samsung gear app???? it is really ridiculous how two samsung devices can't work together!!!


Hey @Cfsab,


You're unable to pair the Gear Fit2 with a Samsung Tab S2. A list of compatible Samsung devices for the Gear Fit2 can be found here, and you can find out more info on wider compatibility with Android/iOS here



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Would you please explain why even my Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is incompatible with all Samsung Gear devices and how Samsung will address this quite unbelievable issue in the future? 

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i know this is a year later, but I, too, would like to know why not?  I bought the gear fit 2 watches for my children as well as Samsung tablets.  I intentionally bought Samsung tablets so that I could use them to pair with their watches.  From what I read, this should be an easy fix by the Samsung development to check the build.prop for the device type.

I'm hoping this post gets read by someone at Samsung and can be addressed.


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