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Cannot change between users after system shutdown

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First time user of Samsung and so far not impressed with the support or the product, so hope you can help!

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019) - 10.1 (SM-T510). It is running Android 9.0008. No new software available.

The tablet is mostly going to be used by other family members, so I have created two different users. Both are restricted users, however I did also create one aditional full user to see if that mattered (it did not).

After shutdown the other users cannot be choosen. They are blacked out, when you click the user icon in the top right corner.
Once the "owner" user logs on, it is once again possible to switch between all users.
This effectively means, that if the tablet is shutdown, runs out of power etc and I am not home, it is rendered useless to the rest of the family.

Do you know how to fix this?
Is it a setting, a bug or bad feature?

I asked Samsung support, but they would not even try to help saying it is an Android problem.
I have had other Android tablets and never had this issue, the users could be picked after shutdown.
Neither the Samsung nor the Android manuals/support sites I can find suggest this is a "feature".

Please help, thank you. If this is unfixable I will have to sell and buy a different brand (and making sure it does not have the same issue).


i'v seen the same question on the dutch samsung community. He contacted samsung because he bought 6 new tab a 2019 to be used in family etc and they could not help. Its strange because on the older models you could select another user without the need to first login into the main user.
Any of the admin here who want/can check this with samsung support because i thought on google there was an article saying android 9 does not do this but some companies add this to their version of android ie Samsung?

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Thank you for your reply!

Yes, it seems like such an illogical feature ud it is indeed just that.

Also seen on my Tab 10.1. Very frustrating as this was setup as a family device.

I ask again , any of the samsung admins here who can check this for a solution with Samsung?
Admins at least reply !
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Hi guys,


Apologies for the lack of reply!


I've asked our software team for more info - and us Mods will let you know what we find out. 


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