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Can't get in my galaxy tab s3

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I have once used my samsung tab s3 before and since then never again. Now I want to start using it again but I can't get in. The tablet is back in starters modus. When I try to get in, I first have to fill in my languege. After that I can fill in a Google account that is used before on this tablet. I have tried all my Google accounts but none are working. I also tried a hard reset but that's also not working. Maybe someone has a suggestion for me?15689154271313713115287630392210.jpg




AndrewL Moderator
@Alyssaxk: Did you purchase the tablet second hand, or from a third party seller? It looks like the device has an FRP lock on it, which would require the relevant Google account details to unlock it. If none of your own details are working, and the above is applicable to you, then try to get in contact with the seller to obtain the details you need, or arrange a refund/replacement.
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