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Android never "remembers" the language of my keyboard cover (Galaxy Tab S4)

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Hello, I have a Galaxy Tab S4 with the "Book Cover Keybaord". Sadly Android doesn't remember the language of the physical keyboard. And it is designed to be connected only when you need it. Which means that I have to set the language every time I use the keyboard, which is - obviously - quite annoying. Is there any way to make Android remember the language? Thank you

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Don't think so, but I would recommend you to call the Support,wait for a Mod. to answer or you are lucky and some experts here about sw appear 😉

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Hi, 2 things to do

1- Are you sure you put the right langage in parameters/language/physic click on it and chosse your langauge

2- Did you make the update of your Cover Book Keyboard ? If not, when your tablet is ON, just pull up your keyboard for 30 second and reconnect it to the Pogo connector . If Samsung make a update for the Cover Book, a small window will open and tell you to update it

I hope this will resolve your problem

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