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Android Pie (9.0) for Galaxy Tab S4


@dabbles5 Well I don't have the Tab S4 but I have the Tab A 10.5 which also got the pie update (very recently). I can tell you that Pie does use more ram, but my device has 3 gb of ram and runs ok (I have a worse processor because it's a mid range tablet). With your tab S4's 4gb of ram it shouldn't make a difference much for you. A small issue I've noticed is that profile pictures for pretty much everything look a little pixelated but not a big deal for me. Other than that the update looks pretty nice and runs pretty well. I recommend backing up EVERYTHING before the update as you never know what could happen (just to be safe). The update is great and the design is completely different in a lot of areas.


Ya should really get that 9.0 pie update. Its really user friendly. Its like going to the Car Dealership and them telling you. There's an update free of charge that will boost Horse power and performance. After the update your vechile will ask you how you want to drive today. Feel like cursing or driving bat out of He Hell


@GalaxyTab0271 wrote:

Guys I dont know if you all heard or not but the pie update for tab s4 is releasing in Europe and soon to everywhere else. Guys please dont worry it's coming very soon!

It's July. Telstra is the only people who have it while there is no generic update. How can Samsung put one telco over everyone else, including themselves? I'm disgusted. Apple release updates in one go, even if you want to release slowly, how do you release in one country to one telco only? Is it a bribe? With their top spec unit, they do this? 




Yes it came out in Australia on Friday


@xpusostomos wrote:

Yes it came out in Australia on Friday

About time. 

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