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This is extremely annoying. I began to have this problem this month, in March 2018. Pop-up ads would appear on screen sporadically and disappear after a few seconds. This occurs on my home page, within apps, etc. These ads just pop up on screen suddenly, covering whatever I'm doing, then disappear on their own after a few seconds. I can't even finish reading all the text in the ad if I tried, since it disappears within a few seconds - how effective are ads like that? Ridiculous. This is a different level of despicable intrusion.

I do not have Peel remote installed on my device. So it is not due to Peel remote in my case.

Similar here. Only since March 2018. No new apps. No peel remote. But tgese ads do not close. I must close and they are frequently video... and at full volume. Sometimes my phone is charging and i hear it BLASTING from the other room. So irritated with this. 

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Same here. Since my last update this week, I have been getting popups out of the blue. I had not installed any new s/w. Last update prompt was a little strange though. I was prompted for an update, then another 2 days later maybe. And the s/w is still 8.0.0. So why isn't there a subsiquent s/w update reflection?

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I didn't get rid of it eventually and it was a large system update which got rid of it all.

It must have reinstalled the operating system and got rid of adchoices.

I never found out where ad choiced came from but it is on a lot of adverts that pop up on software.

So I think the only way to get rid of it is to back everything up and reinstall the operating system.


I tried all manner of apps to get rid of adware at root level but none of them worked.

Good luck.


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MineMine was screen recorder app , theres a pop up option in thethe app settings and i turned it off.  It was playing really loud commercialcommercials randomly as well. 

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How do I stop the Adchoices ads from popping up on my galaxy s7 edge? 

Thanks in advance


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Factory reset. I tried everything else... only thing that worked. 


Somehow while trying to stop these annoying Ad Choice popups (mine was almost always Facebook), I found a solution at


This is not spam and can be trusted. GO HEELS !!!


I have fullscreen ads poping up with audio when the phone is muted and locked.  I've heard that adchoice is not a virus or malware but when it does this it surly is.  IT is intrusive and will pop up in the middle of night.  All of these adds should be illegal or they should pay me to use my phone!


Update: After fixing the issue for part or the day, the AdChoice reappeared. Not sure how to totally eradicate the AdChoices.

Tried it the other day but it won't get rid of them all.
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