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I've recently started getting popup ads from adchoices on my s7 edge.

I've tried all sorts of apps to try and remove them or stop them popping up. 

I've been told they are legitimate adds placed by Google in software.

But they do interfere with the operation of the phone.

For instance if you are recording video it will stop the recording if an add pops up.

Or if you are using a banking app you will have to log back in if and add apears. 

Is there anyway to remove this addware. 

I'm sure level of intrusion adchoices produces is not legal. 



I use the Samsung Browser with the AdGuard content blocker which stops lots of annoying add's. 


Also look to toggle on any available pop up blocker in your phones settings. 

My Current Phone > Samsung Galaxy s7 edge SM-G935F. {XEU}
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Had this problem for months now. 

This is not ads that pop up using any particular app but just using phone in general. During games. Camera. During unlock. Etc.

I think I've found the app causing the problem on my phone. 

Peel remote. 

Rather than closing the ad from ad choices i backed out of the screen. The ad was then a tab in recently used pages.

At the top of each tab is the app your using.

At the top of the advert tab it said peel remote. 

I went into settings and peel remote had an option that was on for pop ups. 

I hope this helps. 

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Mine also had to do with peel remote. There is no ads in the full version but as much as I love peel remote . I removed it for doing this to me.
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This is extremely annoying. I began to have this problem this month, in March 2018. Pop-up ads would appear on screen sporadically and disappear after a few seconds. This occurs on my home page, within apps, etc. These ads just pop up on screen suddenly, covering whatever I'm doing, then disappear on their own after a few seconds. I can't even finish reading all the text in the ad if I tried, since it disappears within a few seconds - how effective are ads like that? Ridiculous. This is a different level of despicable intrusion.

I do not have Peel remote installed on my device. So it is not due to Peel remote in my case.
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I have the same issue and it only stated in Mar 2018. Keen to real. I've use the Google settings to ad opt out but still no good.  Help.

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I also have the same problem but I started getting them after I removed Peelremote. Peelremote was annoying but these new ads appear whenever I try sending a message to someone blocking the part where I type and making me wait till it's gone again. It's highly annoying and I do not know how to get rid of it.
It always has this triangle with an i in it and an x but the x doesn't work.. 


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I've not had any of the recent problems that seem to be getting posted.  

But a simple way I found out what app it was last time was pressing the left button that shows what pages you have open. At the top of the pop up ad page you should see what app is causing this. 

I am only speculating but that's how I realised last time. 

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I have the exact same issue, just started this month March 2018 and have tried removing apps and changing browser settings.  Yet they persist.  They are definitely not related to Peel Remote as I do not have this app. Next, I guess I will try switching browsers completely as it seems to be tied to chrome

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