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why no Dolby Atmos on samsung Netflix App???



I purchased Apple TV 4K 64G after posting here yesterday and now get ATMOS on Netflix and Amazon Prime (where available)

Overall pleased but I do feel a bit cheated having originally purchased what was then Samsung's flagship Smart TV boasting amongst other things, APPS which, as it turns out cannot exploit the full potential of my ATMOS system.

I can say one thing... this ommison in the Netflix App and the necessity to spend a considerable amount more to rectify it, would have definately influenced my TV purchase in favour of an alternative brand and, furthermore, most likley will do next time around.


Oh I missed this thread when I created my own thread - but yea, fully agree with everything said.


Like I said in my post, the lack of Dolby Atmos was upsetting when I got my 2017 Q7F - but not vital enough for me to move to another brand. But the lack in teh 2018 and 2019 series is worrying, and would affect my choice on a new panel going forward.


In fact, I find the sound settings in general a bit iffy with the Samsung ... bitstream etc are kinda flakey 


PS I thought about buying an external media system too, but having everything internally that works is the best option. For my needs, the ATV lacks Google Movies and YouTube UHD, but an Xbox lacks iTunes. Basically, I find everything lacks something - either content wise or feature wise. 


This is seriously poor. Got brand new Samsung Q6 tv, loved watching Netflix on it through the app. So I splashed out over a grand on the n950 sound bar to get atmos only to find it doesn’t work. Samsung tv, Samsung soundboard, Samsung Netflix app; you would think it would be seemless. Looks like my only choice is to go and spend more money on an Apple TV 4K although that means I will also need to buy an hdmi switch as the sound bar only has two inputs and I have just finished plastering the tv wall so can’t even run in another cable. Really not happy!

Hi Andy,
Feeling for you buddy... same kinda issue here but really pleased with my new Apple TV... great 4K content on iTunes (many with ATMOS) and access to Netflix, Amazon Prime with ATMOS (where available) - sod the app's!
This isn't fair though... £3K for a flagship UHD TV and you still need workarounds - very poor!
I can't picture how you've got your system connected as I have everything routed through an AV receiver and only use the fibre to take the picture from the OneBox to the TV


Well don't know if its a bug but since today I have Atmos on the internal Netflix App of my Q85R TV. I was that surprised that I did a short video. You can see the Atmos batch on Netflix as well as the message on my Q90R soundbar.


Nice - and the soubdbar is it connected through arc? 


Yes. Well because streaming services compress atmos the old arc is capable of transporting it. Of course for real atmos like true hd you need eARC. I'm surprised Netflix offers me this. Till yesterday 5.1 was shown even on the same particular movie.


Sadly not working for me. I have a Hw-k950 soundbar hooked up to a Q70r tv though 


If this is not a one off, I think that's a huge step in the right direction for me (though, it'll only be when I next upgrade...)


You have iTunes on the new ones? Does Atmos work there?



Hello again.
Did you get it sorted?
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