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why no Dolby Atmos on samsung Netflix App???

Part of the problem for me is that it won't recognize my hw-k950 atmos soundbar as an atmos device, so I'm not able to anable digital+ om my TV.? Have the same versions of the app and TV firmware
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Have you tried playing an Atmos source in Netflix then going to the audio option to select Dolby digital+.


It does seem to be disabled but once you manage to enable it you're ok.


Try Another Life on Netflix that works in Atmos for me.


Im then able to switch to DD+ but get no sound at all from Netflix. Think my Samsung Hw-k950 aren't able to provide atmos over arc
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Make sure as well as DD+ on in the TV you have selected that you have an Atmos capabable source (just below the DD+ setting).


Once the TV is all set if you still have no sound, try power cycling the sound bar. Also try stopping Netflix and then playing it again.



I just updated my hw-n850's firmware and bingo: it plays atmos! My TV is a q60r... 

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Anyone with 2018 QLED who was able to get Netflix Atmos working? Getting kinda desperate. I guess I'll have to get Apple TV 4K to get most of my new HW-Q80r soundbar.

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Same problem here with the 55q7f tv in combination with an lg SL8YG soundbar. Hoping for Samsung to sort this out. Im able to select DD+ on tv when using netflix but Netflix only shows 5.1 option when im watching a dolby atmos supporting movie. 


Petition signed.


I have a Q9FN and N850 I just signed upto netflix ultra account, went on "Bright" show and it only shows 5.1 (expected old netflix tv app?) But in settings-->sound the output has automatically switched to Dolby Digital++  but on soundbar it does not say "Dolby Atmos".  


Last time I saw the sound settings.automatically to dolby digital ++ was when I was watching dolby atmos on Sky Q.  


Am I getting 5.1 sound or atmos? I am confused.

I have not updated to latest FW on tv.  

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did you try to update the TV firmware to 1312? online support tells me problem sloved in firmware 1312

I also got my Q60R with HW-K950, same problem with you, but the latest update for my TV just only 1307 in my country


How Hard ist to fix this Samsub ,High end products!!!!!!
Probably includes selling my  Samsung Q9F tv  and Samung 950 N  Soundbar ,and never by Any Samsug products.
Does not live up to being a high end product without Dolby Atmos on Netflis or Streaming services
Very poor Samsung :(

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