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ue75mu7000txxu vertical lines

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Any one else have this problem and been solved. 20181103_193953.jpg20181120_192656.jpgHave been in touch with Samsung support a week ago, yet to hear anything back.

Faint ghostly vertical black lines about 100mm apart all across the screen.

9 months old. Tried usb update, now lost ability to read from a hard disc. Tried reset and test function.

How long before Samsung get back to me.

If they come back and say this is within specs, then i will reply well you should show this in  brochures so we know not to buy it.

ChrisM Moderator

Hi, @flybobbie.


Did our Support Team get back to you on this?

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No i have heard nothing since.

Was given case no. 122123945917-AV.

Sent pics and details to

Received an auto reply confirmation of receipt of e-mail.

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TV replaced with a NU8000. So this has one dead pixel just off centre you can't help looking at it and i think the picture and motion not as good as the MU7000. Going to ask for refund and stick to my projector which has faultless motion and not over saturated picture. Also lack of the one connect box and the centre stand design i hate.

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