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tv (uhd tv 7 series) keeps asking to select region??

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tv (uhd tv 7 series) keeps asking to select region??

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Hi @SL-71.


Are you still having this issue or did you manageto get it resolved?


It's good to find your post as I have the same issue. I bought the UE55NU7500 last week. Great TV but every time I turn it on a window comes up asking to confirm the Freeview region. It shows the correct region in the boxes (i.e. the one I selected previously) but I still have to confirm it. 


This is not a random thing as it happens 100% of the time. I checked the firmware and I have the latest version. Is this a bug? Luckily I have a John Lewis guarantee so I'll send the TV back if it's a known bug that hasn't been fixed.



Update: I've just found this thread which has a solution:


The solution is as follows:

1. Settings

2. Broadcasting

3. Auto Tuning Settings 

4. Standby Auto Tuning - turn this OFF

I've now done this so I'll confirm it's fixed the issue permanently in a day or so.


I confirm that this workaround works permanently. The downside is that there's no auto checking for new channels, but hopefully Samsung will issue a fix in due course.

A quick update: the latest firmware 1202.3 seems to have fixed this bug. After updating the firmware I turned standby auto tuning back on and so far the issue hasn't returned.
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Sadly the latest firmware fix hasn't solved this for me. It's really annoying...


Will try the workaround I guess by why should we have to disable auto tune feature.


Come on Samsung!


Sorry to hear that. Are you definitely using firmware 1202.3?


Perhaps if you turn off auto tuning, turn the TV off, turn it back on and reselect auto tuning, then turn the TV off and on again, it might clear the bug. What model is your TV? Mine is the NU7500 and the bug hasn't appeared since installing 1202.3.



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