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smart view problem

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Hi can anyone help,I have a Samsung tv (ue55ju6500) and a Samsung galaxy s7 phone,smart view has been working fine up until today,when I connect it says connected on phone and tv but all I'm getting now Is a black screen and nothing else


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Hey @Paulmattb,


Have you tried restarting your phone and the TV, then testing the connection again? It's also a good idea to check that the software is up to date on both devices. 


Do you have the option to connect via Quick Connect? To do this, swipe down from the top of your screen and select the Quick Connect symbol - it's located under the Wi-Fi symbol here:






Can you also try selecting an image from your Gallery and then selecting share. Let us know if you still receive a blank screen.


Hi @Paulmattb! Did you try the suggestions mentioned? Is your issue now resolved? 

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I had remote assistance on the tv and on the phone and I'm still having exactly the same problem

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I've just noticed it looks like a few people on here are having exactly the same problem with the s 7
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Has anyone managed to resolve this. I am experiencing exactly the same issue ?

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I have the galaxy edge and I'm having the same issue. Has been working fine prior to yesterday. I am doing a update on my phone now to see if that helps. TV....which is a Phillips is already up to date

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Phone update completed same issue


Similar problem here expect on PC using Win10. Has worked for ages but now no playback on any file at all - i've rebooted, I've reinstalled, I've reset the TV (Samsung smart TV 7 Series)  nothing works at all. 

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Hi to all,

I had a similar problem streaming from my PC. After repeatedly resetting, reinstalling and surfing the net; I lost hope. But I had it all working at one time and it just stopped, why?


Well after 3-4 cups of coffee and logic flow charting I found the answer.


It turned out to be down to my network firewall settings. I had to edit the apps firewall settings, set to allow and to all ports.

As streaming via a phone, you may need to look at your network router settings and may have to use port forwarding and setting the IP address of your TV and Phone is set to FIXED as some routers or modems can randomize IP's for added security.


So in a nut shell, your devises need a clear path throw your network to communicate to each other.

I hope the info I've posted is helpful, I'm saying this may not work for everyone but it may help to narrow it down.

Good luck and happy viewing.


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