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samsung ue49mu6500 auto source problem

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So I have an issue with my samsung ue49mu6500 uhd 4k curved TV.


I have an Xbox one, a PS4 pro and a Chromecast attached to it .

When I have my PS4 pro on the home screen (even before I got the Xbox) it would occasionally make the screen all black and I'd loose audio too. Slight annoyance but didn't happen in game so thought nothing off it. But then ever since attaching the Xbox it's gotten a hell of a lot worse! Every few seconds even with the Xbox off its doing it and making the PS4 distort the picture. I have a feeling it's tying to auto change the source but I can't find anyway of turning this off and it's driving me crazy! 


My TV is saying it's upto date and i turned off the hdmi link on the consoles and tv but can't figure out the problem

Oh and I'm in the UK if that matters

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