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samsung smart tv series 7 (43) 43RU7105 - network connection problem

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bought the above smart tv a week ago (series 7 (43) 43RU7105).


the tv configured automatically and worked fine for a few days, until i updated the software directly through the tv, now up to version 1303. once connected to the network, the tv works fine and maintains the connection to the network for hours (wireless home user) and tv can be watched both digital terrestrial or internet tv (netflix etc). 


once the tv is switched off for a few hours, when switched on again, it does not connect to the network. the only way to reconnect it is the following troubleshoot: unplug, leave for a while, plug in and press remote control "on button" for 3 seconds. then, the tv "magically" reconnects to the network via wifi.


technical support recommends to co-locate wifi router in the same room as tv. i think it makes little sense as the tv worked fine and connected to the network automatically when switched on prior to the software update.


can you think of any solution? the unplug/plug every time is not practical.... many thanks indeed in advance.



ChrisM Moderator

Hi @lluís 


Give this a try: Go to Home > Settings > General > Network > Network Status > IP Settings > Change DNS Settings to 'Enter manually' > Change DNS Server to > Select OK.


Has that helped to stabilise the connection?

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hello @ChrisM


tried to configure manually (including that DNS) and it didn't work. checking the UK & Spanish forums, it appears to be a rather common problem across different tv models. tried a factory reset and so far so good.... thanks for your help! 


ChrisM Moderator

Thanks for giving it a go @lluís. Keep us updated.

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hi there again,


after the factory reset, the tv lost network connection once over the weekend, it was fixed with an "electric reset" through the remote (press the on button for a few seconds until the tv resets, without the need of unplugging).


given the prevalence of the problem across tv models reported in this community, i hope somebody from samsung development reads this and provides a fix in the next software update.


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I'm also having issues with this model (UE43RU7105). It doesn't detect my 5 GHz network. Fortunately It works fine with the 2.4 GHz WiFi without any disconnection. It's still annoying because the TV should have double band WiFi. The firmware version is 1304.

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