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samsung led tv ue60ju6800k with dark section on top of the screen.


My Samsung ue60ju6800k is only just over 2 yearS  old and has developed a dark section on the top of the screen. Tried update, reset and differant inputs but still there.

Samsung have been super unhelpfull and I've now had to pay a local repair shop to try and fix it. He is also struggling to find the solution.


Can't justify scrapping a two year old 60" TV :-(


Any one help please??????

CarloL Moderator

Hey @GilesT! Let's run a Picture Test now to better understand the reason behind this issue: Press the Menu button > Support > Self Diagnosis > Picture test > Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Picture Test. The image should be clear and free from any distortion. Is the image clear or still distorted? ^CL


Hi there, I've done all this a number of times with various Samsung helpers 😕 the TV is now with a local repair shop as Samsung did not want to help 😭

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i have exactly the same issue and tried everything with no luck and have you managed to resolve the issue as Samsung like yourselves have not been able to resolve the issue.


Morning, OK tv repair man could not fix it. However I did; turns out it was the LED back lights.

It involves alot of stripping, case off, screen out, defuser pannels etc etc. Mine was simply a bad connection beteween two led strips ,(little metal conectors in the middle of the strips).

I unclipped and re connected them all and hey presto,, All working.

Just take time rebuilding the all the parts and give yourself time to do it :-)

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