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samsung ks7500 error message " check one connect cable is connected to tv"

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Just received our new tv , unboxed , connected all cables to One Connect, then go into setup , updated firmware as it was out of date. All connected was a film vis the usb port TV after 2 hrs of watching tv , the tv suddenly goes blank , re-boots, then we get a picture come up saying “check one connect cable is connected to tv”, so I switch off, disconnect cable,re-connect same message again “check one connect cable is connected to tv”.
Is the tv or one connct faulty , I cant go into any menu at all only the picture of the connect box appears: help please kids are going bonkers around the house no TV EERRRR

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Hey @adamb,


How's the TV at the moment? 


If you haven't already, we'd advise speaking to our Support Team - they'll be able to diagnose the fault with you and arrange a repair if needed. 

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were you able to solve this problem with your tv? having the same exact issue on a brand new tv

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