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mu9000 hdr problem need help

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cant find a solution for washed out dim picture ı have tried everything but still no good

enabled uhd color hdmi cable is premium setting is 4.2.0 10 bit chroma sdr looks a lot better brighter than hdr  tried internal player but its the same factory resetted tv changed the input name as bluray player cant find a solution people all over the internet having this problem even people with q9fn saying hdr is too bad please samsung solve this issue youtube hdr is good unlike hdr movies.

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guys ı would appreciate some help and what is the case for you with hdr.

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still no answer heyy samsunggg it is mu 9000 please fix this issue hdr demos look great but all other hdr content look washed out dim way too dark there is no difference between hdr on and off must be software issue. Please other MU series users how was your hdr movie experience is it jut me or this happens everyone.
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