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is this 7 series screen normal?

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Hi all, bought a 49ks7000 yesterday - beautiful tv - but noticed some pic issues (like auras and ghosting)


at first thought light bleed so did some tests but they show nothing - in fact the issue only happes when the screen is light


have attached 2 eaxmaples (issue is at bottom of screen)Photo 12-05-2017, 11 11 14.jpgPhoto 12-05-2017, 10 12 00.jpg

TracyR Moderator

Hi @mwktar,


Are you still experincing this issue?


What software version do you have on your TV?

Settings > Support > Contact Samsung


Does this appear on all sources?



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Say "hello!" and
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Software version, really mr moderator, how is that going to help?


i think the Samsung standard response is hilarious. 


Customer: Hi Mr Samsung tech help man, my tv has flames coming out of the back of it 

Samsung: What software version is it on? Please update to xxxx.xx


I don't know where Samsung is getting these people from?


Looks like one of two things to me:


1/ Screen has been mounted incorrectly in the tv and is bent, or has unequal pressure being applied to it?


2/ The screeen has been damaged during installation. These TV's are heavy and many people make the mistake of pulling them out of the box and holding them tightly around the edges of the screen. Applying lots of pressure and possibly damaging the unit.


I would advise that you contact the retailer and get an exchange.

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