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iPlayer HLG/UHD HDR on Samsung’s J and K Series TVs


@daleski75 wrote:

I have been met by silence now with curry's after they stated I cannot do/say anything as it's been 18 months since I purchased the TV despite telling them that consumer law dictates you have 6 years to tell them if you've been sold faulty goods, not as described etc but they where having none of it.


Going to give them a few more days before sending a further email with more proof about my rights as a consumer and will see how I get on.

I think now you can start talking to trading standards as they have responded, the only thing you can do is that it is a case of misselling and Curry's are in breach of law just tell them that if that is their final answer and they are happy with you to take legal action


I've not heard from them yet still waiting


@paul1277 wrote:

They will not make it easy but just keep at them.

Agree. Keep any responses on point about regulations. They will eventually fold or kop out and do under "goodwill" 

Helping Hand

I am going to keep on at them as they are not above the law and want to get their final response in writing before I mention about court and see what they come back with then.


Has anyone filled in the survey regarding the reason for your visit to this site? There are questions regarding would you buy or recommend samsung products. I have clicked no to both. 


I've just done the survey, hopefully if we all fill it in someone will listen. 


Good idea. Just worked out I have spent over £5000 with Samsung in the last 4 years. More fool me!


I'd love to. Can you provide a link or instructions as to how to access the survey? Many thanks.

Unfortunately i cant, it just popped up on my screen asking if i would like to take part.

Click on the blue Samsung link at the top of the pare, that will bring you to a homepage, on the left there is a link saying feedback. That's what I used 

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