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iPlayer HLG/UHD HDR on Samsung’s J and K Series TVs


Well if it is a purely commercial decision then I think that would greatly enhance the case that Samsung has reneged on promises to its customers. If it were a technical problem then they might be able to claim that they never promised to support particular implementations of HLG (but even that could be interpreted as misleading to consumers).


Someone posted the link in this forum to both Trusted reviews and what hi fi

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I bought my KS7000 in February 2017. It was at that time the latest and most up-to-date  '2017' model and we were all led to believe it was future proofed - at least to the extent of handling any HDR broadcasting innovations in the same calendar year...


I saved up for ages to get my once-in-a-decade TV purchase; and 9 months later we're told it can't do the UKs flagship TV show in 2017 tech. Not only that, the much cheaper TVs, we overlooked when making our purchase, can see this stuff perfectly fine.


Do Samsung realise the marketing disaster *****? TV's deliverately hobbled within 10 months!?      


I searched through the forum ( must be the biggest) and found the What hi Fi link


It might be worth asking What Hi Fi for a comment. I have done on their Facebook and twitter.


This is the full piece from What Hi Fi


HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) is potentially the most important HDR format of all. Why? Because it's going to be used with TV broadcasts.

It's the result of a joint research project between the BBC in the UK and NHK in Japan, and is designed to deliver a more convenient HDR solution for the broadcast world than HDR10.

It takes standard dynamic range and high dynamic range images and combines them into one feed, with HLG-compatible 4K TVs able to decode and show HDR images in all their glory.

Most big-name manufacturers have confirmed their 2017 sets are HLG-ready, with Samsung, Sony and LG also confirming their 2016 HDR TVs are receiving HLG support via firmware update. Panasonic is also offering the same for select top-tier 2016 models, too. With the framework in place, we just had to wait for the content to come...

And it came in the form of Blue Planet II - released in full 4K and HLG on BBC iPlayer for just 30 days in late 2017 (it expires mid-January 2018). While BBC had previously shown a snippet of Planet Earth II in 4K HLG, the full series release of seven-episode Blue Planet II showed that HLG not only worked, but it looks spectacular.

MORE: Hybrid Log Gamma explained: the new HDR TV broadcast format



You can see that it basically says that Samsung will support the BBC Iplayer!


The What Hi Fi can't be much clearer can it about Samsung Support for 2016 models?


@paul1111 wrote:

The What Hi Fi can't be much clearer can it about Samsung Support for 2016 models?

No, but I'm sure there'll be some "SamsungSpeak" to weasel out of the promise....

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@paul1111 wrote:

The What Hi Fi can't be much clearer can it about Samsung Support for 2016 models?



To be fair the What HiFi journalist doesn't work for Samsung or any of the other companies; they have to rely on what they are told. In this case HLG support will be added (with no technical caveats or get-outs on the exact delivery mechanism, no silly gotchas like "broadcasts only!" or "USB clips only!". Imagine if it was playback from USB only, and they expected that to be ok? 


It's a bit like their fiasco with HDR10Plus support, which is completely separate but has also landed on our laps as another major fowl up this week.

Again, journalists write what they are told. So when Samsung releases are not one but TWO official press releases, cleared with the legal departments internally at Samsung, we can be forgiven for believing them! And these statements are then repeated in various articles about what HDR10Plus is, raising everyone's expectations, and destroying customer goodwill if it doesn't happen.


Press release 1 for HDR10Plus: 19th April 2017
"All of Samsung’s 2017 UHD TVs, including its premium QLED TV lineup, support HDR10+. In the second half of this year, 

Samsung’s 2016 UHD TVs will gain HDR10+ support through a firmware update."


Press release 2 for HDR10Plus: 26th April 2017
"Later this year, Samsung’s 2016 UHD TVs will gain HDR10+ support as well through a firmware update."


There are not ifs, buts, "we hope to"s - the 2016 models WILL get HDR10Plus support, it said. Clear as day.



@Amazed wrote:

No, but I'm sure there'll be some "SamsungSpeak" to weasel out of the promise....

Probably the fact that this is not their 'official' statement and cannot be held accountable for WhatHiFi have written. You would need What Hifi to provide their source, which Samsung official gave them that information and/or proof that they did in fact state that HLG would be supported.


I am yet to see anywhere that states 'Broadcast ONLY' HLG would be supported however. In every example and statement I have read - from official sources - all stated that the 2016 models would support HLG with NO exceptions mentioned. The way its stated, HLG support would indicate that the TV fully supports HLG regardless of whether its delivered OTA or via apps, external devices like STBs for example. I don't know if any external devices with iPlayer are supported. I know some 4k HDR Bluray players have built in SmartApps as do consoles but I don't know if any have iPlayer. 


It seems to me that the 2016 TV's could play HLG content via apps, OTA or via external devices so if you had 'iPlayer' on an external device that was updated to deliver HLG, it would work on the KS but Samsung are refusing to update the actual iPlayer app itself. It took long enough for Samsung to add the UK On-demand apps in the first place. I think we have finally got 4OD at long last but they were very slow coming.


It really is poor and I am sure its Samsung and refusing the App itself as I doubt the BBC will be offering a different HLG to the one on its own App. The big issue though will be how we get access - it certainly seems that it will not be via the 'SmartHUB' on our 2016 (or older) Samsungs. If it doesn't work via some External device (like SkyQ if/when they add HLG or Amazon Fire Stick - HDMI or USB devices), then there is an even bigger issue. There is a difference to not updating their apps and not supporting external HLG enabled devices and receiving HLG content and displaying it properly. Its a shame that Samsungs older 'Smart' TV's are not 'smart' enough and cannot be updated but if 'smarter' external dvices are connected, then you expect those to work as intended.


Obviously Tizen isn't a patch on Android or WebOS as TV's with these as its OS are capable of being updated and therefore there is NO reason to buy any Samsung products in the future because they are not future proof or built for at least the immediate future. I am sure a 10yr old PC can run Windows 10 yet a year old Samsung TV can't be updated to a newer Tizen (if that is the 'issue') or run slightly updated versions of Apps. There are some 2016 TV's getting Dolby Vision updates - now I know why Samsung won't be considering DV but that shows what these TV's can be updated to support and lengths other manufacturers are going to to keep their customers supported and satisfied. We don't count anymore to Samsung as they already have our money but don't realise that they are losing repeat customers, pushing us away to buy from their competitors next time and if those manufacturers deliver as we expect, then chances are, we will stay with them for our next and every other 'big' purchase.


It's almost like they don't care!

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