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iPlayer HLG/UHD HDR on Samsung’s J and K Series TVs


So Samsung. Time for an update on which TVs might now get a firmware update to allow your previously loyal customers to enjoy this new feast for the senses experience on Pre 2016 TV’s which we all payed thousands of pounds for.


Great news. Now watch this thread absolutely explode....

Time to get that Roku!
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@dunwell wrote:

Great news. Now watch this thread absolutely explode....

I can't believe I have posted a reply before Paul1111 has.




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@disrember wrote:

World Cup 2018: BBC iPlayer to stream matches in 4K HDR



"As an added benefit, footage will be played at 50 frames per second rather than the normal 25fps."

... which is why, as a rule, I avoid the iPlayer!


The proper broadcasts are 1080i50, 50 interlaced fields per second and 50 movements per second are displayed. Remember, with interlacing for live 50Hz content, the image moves between each half-frame. They are not the "first half" and "second half" of 25 frames/second. The only exception to this is when the original content was 25fps, or 24fps in the case of movies which are sped up slightly.


The iPlayer streams, except these new ones, are de-interlaced so they halve the temporal resolution, ie change it to 25 movements per second. This throws away half of the movements and you lose the lovely smooth 50Hz motion. So I am always mystified why people are so eager to watch these versions of a programme instead of the superior recordings of the real broadcasts. I suspect it's beacuse many people don't notice, in the same way that people didn't notice that stretching 4:3 into a 16:9 widescreen TV was obviously wrong.




Top stuff, 50hz is a must IMO anyone who will have watched the 30hz 4k BT champs league youtube stream will see how appalling sport is at such a low refresh rate.


Also 40megabit minimum internet, this should be excellent quality. First come first serve though which means some will miss out once servers hit capacity. 




heres a bit more


and notice that no 2016 devices listed here for samsung, but there is for sony, LG etc.


no mention of Roku, waiting to see what sky will do as well


For Sky to be a solution to this issue, inside the next 14 days the following must happen:


- Sky to rollout new firmware to SkyQ which makes HDR available

- BBC to update its SkyQ "App" to delivery UHD / HLG streams

- Samsung to rollout new firmware to fix EDID handshake issue


I would rate the chances of this at 0%

It's good news obviously, but the Beeb still listing it as a 'trial' is concerning.


I'm back in a wait and see mode if I'll pick up a Roku stick, or just watch the matches in 1080p and then download them in 4k afterwards from somewhere else.


I have

- Apple TV 4K

- Sky Q

- Android TV

- KS Series Native iPlayer


None of these will support UHD HDR iPlayer streams in time for the World Cup, so I will be buying the Roku+.


I have been quietly hoping that Apple update their Apple TV 4K iPlayer  but I don’t think there is enough time for Apple to implement unless the updates announced at WWDC on iOS already include it, so the Roku+ is the cheapest, proven method (HD Fury with an external UHD iPlayer is also viable but $).




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